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Shaken Baby Syndrome

Much of what I say here may run counter to traditional legal advice and perhaps what many other attorneys may believe. That does not concern me. What does concern me is that I explain to you how and why I practice law that way that I do.

The practice of law is an honor and a privilege and never more so than when defending the innocent. The State can bring to bear has all of its resources: law enforcement, investigators, expert witnesses, laboratories, testing, and unlimited funds. The accused has only their lawyer and those professionals daring enough to be aligned with him or her.

Defending the innocent carries special responsibility. Our legal system is essentially a truth-seeking device. When it fails to find the truth, when it wrongly assesses the innocent as guilty, it fails of its essential purpose and the entire system suffers. For the individual the consequences are devastating: possible loss of liberty, loss of family, social stigma, and life-long emotional suffering.

I believe that the truth is at once your strongest shield and your sharpest sword. I believe innocent persons should act like innocent persons. Innocent persons do everything they can to demonstrate their innocence. For this reason, in the appropriate circumstances, I often agree to submit my clients to polygraphs and interviews with law enforcement. I encourage cooperation with investigators and again, when appropriate, encourage them to testify in their own defense.

Defending the innocent is fraught with pitfalls and knowing when and how to take these actions requires deep understanding of how those involved in the investigation and prosecution of offenses think, operate, and view the world. My understanding has developed over 30 years of experience in defending those whom I believe were falsely accused.

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