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 • False Allegations of Sexual Abuse
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 • Shaken Baby Syndrome
 • Parental Alienation Syndrome
 • Probate, Estate, and Trust Litigation

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Bravos and DiCola, Attorneys at Law

We pride ourselves representing clients with difficult, complex, novel, and sensitive matters. In keeping with that view, we have helped clients in such varied and seemingly disparate areas ranging from false allegations of child abuse, psychiatric and medical malpractice, to serious personal injury, complex business disputes, and complicated trust and estate litigation. However far removed from each other these subjects may seem to be, they have in common the application of a deep understanding of the subject matter and the ability present the client’s case in an adversary setting.

We have handled cases in twenty two different States as of this writing and have consulted on cases throughout the nation.  We are experienced in working with local attorneys and strive to develop a collaborative relationship with our clients and their counsel.  We are experienced in all legal forums and have handled matters in criminal courts, divorce or family courts, juvenile abuse and neglect proceedings, administrative proceedings, appeals, and all civil courts. We feel strongly that our skills translate well to any forum in which our expertise in complex and novel issues can be of assistance.

We are excited about the law and strive to keep current with new developments in law, medicine, science, and related fields. Human knowledge is ever evolving and expanding and the law must keep pace.  Injustice comes from the failure to recognize our shortcomings or to be aware of the distinction between what we know and what we do not know.  Our legal system strives to be a truth seeking system and when it is successful in finding the truth it has fulfilled its highest and best purpose.  When it fails to find the truth it fails of its essential purpose and injustice results. 

In everything that the law does it must always aim to reduce error, increase accuracy, seek truth, and avoid injustice.  Our legal system and its rules, tenets, assumptions, and knowledge base are ever evolving. Sometimes change is slow.  There is often a time during which new ideas become accepted and old ideas are discarded.  During this time of change conflicts arise and injustices occur.  However, we believe that fact, truth, science, and reason will eventually prevail. 

We have an ever abiding faith in the good intention of the law, though sometimes that faith is sorely tested.  For that reason we are advocates – for that reason we are lawyers.


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